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Solenoid Valve Reliability
Jan 23, 2017

1, working life, this item is not included in the test project, which belongs to the type test items. To ensure the quality of the formal election should manufacturers of brand-name products.

2, format: long term work, repeated short-time work and short-time working three. For short-time closure of the valves opened only for a long time, you should use normally open solenoid valve.

3, working frequency: high frequency requirements, the structure should be optimized direct-acting solenoid valves, power optimization of communication.

4, reliability

Strictly speaking the pilot solenoid valve, China has not yet been formally included in the professional standards to ensure the quality of the formal election should manufacturers of brand-name products. In some cases action times, not many, but very high reliability requirements, such as fire-fighting, emergency protection, must not be taken lightly. Of particular importance, should also take two used double insurance.


It use one of the standard, but must be in a safe, suitable and reliable on the basis of the economy.

Economy is not only the price of products, but also to give priority to their function and quality as well as the costs required for the installation and maintenance and other accessories.

More importantly, a solenoid valve on the automatic control system as a whole throughout the cost very little and even production line automatic control system, if you covet cheap damages caused by the wrong choice group is enormous.

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